A Carlight caravan is built to last; once owned, seldom do people buy anything else.
Throughout seven decades — and one World War — elegant shapes, innovative designs and modern materials have created caravans that have oozed quality and style, reflecting the tastes of the discerning traveller.


During the 1930s the emphasis was on streamlined looks — clean lines that emulated the design of an aircraft wing…
“…remember, there is no better method of ARP than a caravan, giving also the means of a holiday which all will need.”
The ‘feelgood’ decade, when people flocked to the seaside and countryside — touring became a popular leisure activity.
Stylish lines, cocktail cabinets, fridges and fast cars… the swinging sixties had arrived!
Plush, deep upholstery, smoked glass windows and cocktail cabinets were the “must haves” for the ’70s Carlight…
The 1980s saw the launch of the Commander caravan, with up to 600 man hours being put into making one caravan.
“Elegance, excellence & even extravagance are terms that have figured in a big way…” Carlight leaves its mark on this century.