Quality has always been the number one priority for Carlight and the 1980s were no exception; around 600 man hours went into making just one Commander caravan. The time spent making a Carlight was – and still is – pure craftsmanship; producing as much as possible in-house ensures that the quality continues. By the late 1980’s all chassis were galvanised after welding, and as always joints in the timber frame were halved, the side walls were jig-built and the main exterior panelling was 20 gauge aluminium…just a small selection of the finer detail points that made the Carlight really special.

The 2-berth Commander 132 was a compact but spacious caravan; its tardis-like interior boasted a full oven, hob and grill, and a full-sized shower tray. A double wardrobe, large sideboard and additional drawers made the Commander 152 considerably more spacious.

A new addition in the late 80s was a new 4-berth layout in the Commander 154. Designed with the family in mind it incorporated a neatly-engineered bunk bed arrangement which could be closed off for privacy by means of a dividing curtain. During the day, the bottom bed formed part of the spacious dining area, which could seat around seven people for meals comfortably.

The Commander 184 became the 4-berth flagship of the range, taking over this role from the Continental. The already superb sleeping accommodation was made even more comfortable through the introdution of permanent, draught-free ventilation and the spaciousness and luxury of this 18ft caravan could only truly be appreciated from the inside.

But overall, it was the aerodynamic, elegant shape, innovative design and modern materials used in the Carlight Commanders that combined to continue to make Carlight the ultimate luxury caravan over the decade.