Useful Links

The Carlight Owners’ Club

This is the oldest club for Carlight owners and enthusiasts, formed in 1962. It holds two rallies a year, normally early and late season. The early-and-late-season rally format was decided at the outset so that members could then use the uninterrupted mid-season for longer tours or to rally with the larger clubs (the Caravan Club or the Camping and Caravanning Club).


Carlight Enthusiasts’ Club

As more and more Carlight owners took to the roads, the demand for more mid-season rallies grew and in 1990 the Carlight Enthusiasts’ Club was formed for this purpose. Several owners are members of both clubs. Anyone new to Carlight will find a warm welcome awaits them at both organisations and, in the spirit of cooperation, a recent development sees the two clubs holding one coinciding rally a year, which allows everyone from both clubs to meet up and enjoy themselves.


The Caravan Club

As it says on the tin – the Caravan Club gives you access to anything from small CLs (certified locations with just five caravans) to huge, well-managed commercial sites.


The Camping and Caravanning Club
Arguably a slightly less formal club (they market themselves as “the friendly club”) than the Caravan Club, but every bit as well organized and efficient (and guess what – they do camping too!)‎


The Historic Caravan Club
The leading UK club for historic caravan enthusiasts.


The Carlight Factory
This link takes you to the Carlight factory website.