The Carlight Coronet

Model: Carlight Coronet
Length (overall): 15′ 9″
Length (interior):
Width (overall):
Weight (unladen):
Number of Berths: 4
Year of Manufacture: 1941
Cost New: £119 0s 0d





Traditionally built floor with an internal framework of soft wood, overlaid with an outer skin of masonite preswood (hardboard) and an inner skin of Plywood and preswood on the sides and roof. The roof was then finished with a layer of canvas and sealed with varnish drainings.




This caravan was built in 1942 and was sold to Mr & Mrs Boddington via a dealer in Egham. The caravan was sited shortly afterwards at Drayton, Abingdon, Oxfordshire in the corner of a farmers field overlooking the picturesque setting of an old stone farm house and 17th Century barn. The Boddingtons helped the farmer out with odd jobs from time to time and in return he let them continue to stay on the field. This caravan, which was their permanent home, remained in this idyllic setting until 1994.


Sadly, Mrs Boddington lost her husband in 1977 and from then until July 1994, lived on her own in the caravan. However, it became increasingly difficult for her to manage, so she moved to a modern bungalow nearby.


Mrs Boddington was concerned that without her presence the caravan would become neglected, and possibly subject to vandalism, so a neighbour kindly contacted us and we arranged to buy it and have it transported back here to the factory.


It is interesting to see how the difficulties of the war years affected the
construction and materials which had to be gleaned from where ever they could be found. In this caravan the timber window frames (rather than the earlier steel ones and later aluminium) and mixture of lining boards reflects the austerity of these grim times.