The Carlight Light Four

Model: Carlight Light Four
Length (overall): 13′
Length (interior): 12′ 8 1/4″
Width  (overall): 6′ 5 1/2″
Weight (unladen): 11 1/2 cwt
Number of Berths: 4
Year of Manufacture: 1935
Cost New: £149 10s 0d





Traditionally built floor with an internal framework of ash, overlaid with a single skin of masonite preswood (hardboard) on the sides and masonite preswood (with canvas outer layer) on the roof.




This caravan was purchased in 1935 at the Olympia Caravan Show by Dr Hutchinson and his wife, and owned by his family until 1989. Handed down from father to son in 1960, the caravan was used regularly until 1980 and then stood unused until 1989, when Mr Hutchinson kindly telephoned us and offered us the opportunity to
purchase the caravan. It was in very good condition given its age when
we purchased it. We have replaced some of the timber framings, repaired some of the window frames and repainted it. We have left all its original charm intact.