The Carlight Commander 154

Model: Carlight Commander 154
Length (overall): 18′ 7″
Length (interior): 14′ 9″
Width (overall): 7′ 1 1/2″
Weight (unladen): 17.5cwt
Number of Berths: 4
Year of Manufacture: 1982
Cost New: £18,119





Main framework halved and screwed. The interior panelling is resin-bonded plywood with “Crown Ash” finish, and the front, back and roof panels are moulded fibreglass.


This shape is typical of the Mk I Commander range, the exterior styling remaining largely unchanged from 1980 until late 1984. The introduction of the Commander Mk II range in 1985 heralded a smoother front panel, which incorporated the gas locker. Originally this caravan was fitted with a brown-centre exterior panel, but these coloured centre panels proved unpopular with customers and from
1985 onwards a plain magnolia finish was used on all models. Consequently, many owners of earlier models changed the coloured panels to magnolia, as was the situation with this caravan.


This caravan is number six of only seven made in this particular layout, and was refurbished at the factory in 1999.